Uri Netanel

Uri Netanel


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Discoveries, Contrasts and Connections, works by six Israeli composers in a summer concert

Works by Efrat-Rachel Gerlich, Ido Shirom, Yuval Shay-El, Shiri Riseman, Ido Akov and Uri Netanel

Performed by Rivke Falk, Shiri Riseman, Keren Zamir, voice

Efrat Gerlich, recorder

Barak Yavin, Ifat Zur, French horn

Ofra Yitzhaki, Ido Akov, piano

Noam Gal, violin

Uri Netanel, cello

Ehud Gerlich, double bass

and others

Location: Beit HaYotzer, Tel Aviv

Time: September 5th, 20:30

Motivation: A group of six composers has united to create opportunities for performing their special works and deliver value to the audience.

Read more on https://tinyurl.com/y978f3y8

Uri Netanel was born in Jerusalem and lives near Tel Aviv, Israel. Uri studied music at the Rubin Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem and at the Tel Aviv Academy of Music, graduating with a Master's degree. Among his teachers were prof. Zvi Avni, prof. Yitzhak Sadai, prof. Leon Schidlowsky (composition) and prof. Shmuel Magen ('cello). In his catalog of works are songs, chamber music, orchestral and choral music.


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