Who We Are We are a team of a photographer, an editor, an interviewer, a translator and a narrator. Together we create videos and a platform to present art for people all over the world.

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The Team

Udi Gavan Tzalul (Photographer & Editor):
Produces documentary videos for artists. Photographer and editor for museums and art galleries. Has a website for time-lapse videos: Photography. Photographer of leading clubs in Tel-Aviv.

Shironi Bat Ari (Photographer & Editor):

An artist, video editor, web developer. Writing and playing in sitcoms.

Orly Netanel (Interviewer):

Broadcaster at YouTube channel, interviewer and producer of TV shows in a “Mixim” channel, a channel that deals with painting, sculpture, music, poetry and realms of the spirit. Master of Tel-Aviv University.

Uri Netanel (Translator):
Translates articles about music. In his youth studied for a number of years in London. Works as a computer programmer. Composer and cello player at: Uri Netanel Music.

Ofri Myersdorf (Narrator):

An English Literture student at Ben-Gurion University. Lived for many years in USA.

If you are an artist and want to be present your works at, in worldwide distribution, please contact us at our contact form for artists.

Presenting Artists Since ​its ​establishment ​on Feb. 2016 ​ team​ has​ photographed, edited, translated and narrated hundreds of artists’ works, from sculpture and paintings to art galleries. [spacer height=”20px”]
Our Mission We seek to promote art and creativity. We envisage a plentiful and inspired art world. Our mission is to show art to the world and provide a distribution channel for artists’ works.


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