Contact Forms for Artists

As an artist you have the opportunity to present your art here.

The steps are simple and detailed below.

Step 1: Send your best works (up to 60) to: (Link) * We recommend to 2 ways to send your works: 1. Upload to a cloud (Google Drive / Microsoft OneDrive / etc.) and send a link to the folder, or 2. Send works by or , etc (No registration or cloud space required). * If you want the works to appear in a specific order name the files accordingly and mention it in the Artist Presentation Form. Step 2: Fill in the Artist Presentation Form. Step 3: Pay via PayPal 50% of the price – a request for payment will be sent to the e-mail from which you sent your works. Step 4: We will make a page with the details you filled in the form and a video of your works. Step 5: You will pay the remaining 50% of the price.


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If you have a question write it here and we will return to you shortly. team.

Hi, thanks for entering here. In order to share your work, paintings/sculpture/photography in you’ll first need to enter your details here: Then, we can edit a presentation for you and publish it in many places, until it gets 2,000 views. That’s in payment. Entering your details and creating a page for you in this site is with no cost (free).