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Shalom Kelner

The door opens to the fascinating world of a unique artist. The warm house, the studio and the art gallery are packed with works which are the visual expression of a profound thought, a thorough investigation, vast imagination, love of the Jewish tradition and the history of Israel.

The Hebrew Alphabet letters depict a large part of the works in their physical appearance and their Kabala significance. This is also the home of men and the women figures, animals, birds and abstract sculptures, works about social and humorous issues. Wood is the main material. Stone, iron, glass and electric lighting are all joining in harmony.

Shalom Kelner was born in Poland on 11.11.1937.
During WW II, after the Nazi invasion to Poland, his family escaped to Russia. They survived the war years enduring famine and cold in the labor camps of Siberia and finally stayed in Dzhambul, Kazakhstan.
After the war was over they returned to Poland and found out that their home town was completely devastated, nothing remained of the Jewish homes and of the Jewish life that once existed there.
They moved on and settled in Lodz, where the young boy Shalom attended the art studio of Alexander Bogin for three years. On 1950 they immigrated to Israel.

On 1967 he graduated with a degree in architecture from California State Polytechnic University (The studies included art classes).
On 1980 he obtained a Masters degree in architecture and town planning from the Technion, Haifa.

Since 1967 he practiced architecture in Israel and abroad.
Parallel to his architecture practice he always had his art studio at home where he was engaged in various venues of artwork: on paper, iron, stone, but mainly in wood. Most of his sculptures are in wood, some of them are cast in bronze and others can be cast as well. The sculptures are of various themes largely focusing on Judaism, including Hebrew Alphabet, Jewish tradition and history.
Over the last ten years he dedicates all his time to his art and has participated in many exhibitions in Israel and abroud.

Home and studio: Hod Hasharon, Israel.

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