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Orit Martin

Orit Martin affords us entry into a new world, synthesizing contemporary visual language with abstract spiritual elements. 

In a unique, powerful way, her paintings connect opposites: the temporary and the eternal, the spiritual and the physical, the lower and the upper realms. The connection between man and God, childhood and old age are also reflected in Orit’s art, expressing her longing to connect with the upper worlds and Jewish values.

Her work expresses her deep desire to touch the untouchable, the abstract, spiritual world in a visual way.

The works were created from a deep place inside, with hope that they will meet you in a similar place within yourselves and fill you with joy and light. Her hope is to transcend the visible realm of reality and expand our spiritual tools.

Exhibition at Beit Rubinstein, Lincoln 20, Tel-Aviv. 1 April - 30 April 2016.

Curator: Lori Pszenica

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