Glass Museum – Violence

March 31, 2017 artistssite 1 comment

Glass Museum – Violence

Each of these three statues has a different name, and all of them are about one subject. The statue on the left is "hands with blood". Why is the blood brown? Because when blood clots it's oxidized and becomes brown. The middle statue is "hands with a stone", and the statue on the right is "a prisoner".

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The three describe violence. Gideon, in his own way, knows how to get free from stress and bad feelings through art. We know nowadays that people can be healed of mental illness by art work.

Gideon done these sculpture following the lynch in Ramallah. It was something terrible, we were all stunned and tense, and Gideon made these three sculptures, to free himself from the tension and the terrible feeling he had following that lynch.

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