Glass Museum – Terracotta Soldiers

March 26, 2017 artistssite 1 comment

Glass Museum – Terracotta Soldiers

These sculptures are terracotta soldiers. These terracotta soldiers are made of red soil in China.

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The Chinese believed there is life hereafter, and when the emperor went to the next world, he couldn't go alone, so he created an army that he took to the grave. This army has 10,000 soldiers, life-size, made of the terracotta soil.

I gave Gideon miniatures I bought in China, and he created these soldiers. He did not make them red or life-size, he created them as he thought. But one thing he gave them, and it's eyes to see, which the Chinese soldiers didn't have because they were made of clay.

 If you come with me to the other side, I'll show you the movements of these sculptures.

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