Glass Museum – Pregnancy And Childbirth

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Glass Museum – Pregnancy And Childbirth

This statue, when it got out of the oven, had a swollen belly. It was a pregnancy. Gideon wasn't satisfied with the pregnancy, so he started breaking it. When he's not satisfied with his statues he breaks them, crushes them, and re-uses the glass.

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After he started breaking it (here was the thin surface), he said, "Oh, I don't have to give up this statue, I can turn it to childbirth." So this sculpture is called "pregnancy and childbirth".

We have a presentation, Gideon calls it "the creation by the rib". We know that in Genesis we have two stories about the creation of Adam and Eve: One story we tend to forget, God created Adam and Eve in his image, and created them equal. This story we don't tend to remember. We remember that God created man, the man went to sleep, God took a rib out of him and created the woman. In other words, woman is a part of man. It took thousands of years to get rid of this belief (there are still women that believe they belong to men).

Gideon took a rib... You see? He took a rib, but he didn't use it for the creation of woman or man, he used it to describe the history of a human's life. This is a baby who was just born. And the baby grew up, and grew up, and grew up... And when we talk to children, we need to remember that children see in the mirror what we tell them. If we tell a child he is stupid - he sees in the mirror a stupid child. If we tell him he is beautiful, he sees a beautiful child. So I always tell people - don't say bad things to the kids, tell them they did something wrong. Tell them they can change their behavior. You want to tell them good things? By all means. As much as you wish.

When does the child begin to see himself? At adolescence. In adolescence changes start to take place in our body. The child also sets himself free from dependence on his parents and then starts to see himself. And he doesn't always like what he sees. The eyes don't look nice, fatness, protruding ears, all sorts of things. Today in the 21st century these things can be fixed without a problem by surgery. So here, we have stretching, we do surgery. But it's not very useful, because we get older, and the wrinkles are increasing, and we get old and we die.

So we have here the story of human life, doesn't matter it's made in the form of a woman, we have here the history of human life, from birth until death.

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