Glass Museum – Exercise Wall / Wall Of Demons And Ghosts

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Glass Museum – Exercise Wall / Wall Of Demons And Ghosts

Gideon was born dyslexic. 70 years ago (he's 77 today), he wasn't treated so, because people didn't know what dyslexia was. They thought dyslexics are crazy, lazy, and all sorts of stuff.

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Gideon did not learn anything in school, because teachers didn't know how to teach dyslexics. As a child, he realized very quickly, he cannot live in a world of people who read and write, when he cannot read and write. So he taught himself techniques of memory and optical photography to read and write. And some of the things he does arise from the fact that nobody taught him it cannot be done. He tries things that others have already learned they cannot do. Gideon doesn't understand the concept of "impossible", because nobody had told him anything was "impossible".

One of the things he did, if you look here, is a very interesting wall of varied sculptures. If you concentrate on each sculpture you will see that each one is made of a different glass. These sculptures are the result of testing each glass and its features. He has collected more than 70 plates of glass and tested them to see how they behave in the oven. What happens to them, how many hours are needed to warm them, how many hours are needed to cool them down, how much they spread, how much they shrink.

Eventually he had 70 heads of men. After he had 70 heads he said to himself, "What am I going to do with 70 heads?". "70 heads are too much for me". Then he proceeded to play with a burner, with live fire. Live fire is 1,300 Centigrade (=2,372 Fahrenheit). With 1,300 degrees he can alter, distort and change the faces.

Gideon calls this wall "Wall of demons and ghosts." I call it the "Exercise Wall", because he practiced and studied how to work with glass. And children call it the "Zoo Wall". It's a very interesting wall, it has three names. Look there is a baboon here. And there's a gorilla. Look, there's a lion. There's a bear here. And we can definitely call it a "Zoo Wall".

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