Doll Museum – The Last Newspaper

March 23, 2017 artistssite 2 comments

Doll Museum - The Last Newspaper

This is a work of papier-mache, for the memory of the last newspaper. I made it when Ma'ariv newspaper was closed, and you could see on TV the reporters marching with signs "The end of written media," "the end of printed media". Wow, when I saw it I finally realized, if, in fact, there will be no newspapers - I won't have material to work with.

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Then I started collecting and rolling newspapers, hiding them in the attic. And I cut the paper line by line and pasted it like it was my sketching pencil, as if I were drawing with a pencil. If I'd drawn it with pencil, these would be the exact line directions I would use to create something three-dimensional. Look at the jacket, at the folds, the buttons, the pants, the shoes... On his T-shirt is written "Time" because everything has its time.

The last paper boy. And he's hollow inside. The only real thing is the bike. I wrapped it with newspaper because I needed a an iron skeleton.

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