Doll Museum – Eduard Shruster’s Works

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Doll Museum - Eduard Shruster’s Works

This is a work of Eduard Shruster, made by papier-mache. Look, even though you've come to the dolls museum there isn't even one doll here. All made in a very high and professional level of sculpture.

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Take a look at the anatomy, at each vein and artery, the muscles, the bones, the tendons. Take a look at his long neck, made-up face in moonlight. And Karin sits on an original Victorian chair from London.

Eduard's photographer made of tissue paper that you get when you buy a new pair of shoes. very very thin paper. Do you believe it, this whole statue is made of this tissue paper. He is not painted, he's just polished up. Eddie made a studio camera like 100 years ago. But what shoes does he wear? Crocs. Look at his pants, look at the his nano-modern glasses.

Eduard is a metal sculpture, basically, he made an ox of metal waste. Old radiators, pistons, lagers, tractor's shank, bicycle brakes, hook... He applied to the international exhibition of Red Bull Art and he won first place, watch this... here he had two wings, made of Red Bull cans, because Red Bull makes you fly. We took it out, because it did not work - he didn't fly.

Eduard's Don Quixote, the Knight of Agony who went out to fight against windmills, he was very tall and very thin. Look at this, instead of ribs Eduard put some bent forks there. You see Don Quixote's sword is actually a ladle for soup. Do you see it? Even Don Quixote's horse is not in a very good condtition, you wouldn't buy a horse like this even first-hand from a doctor, right? You can see that when he puts his leg down all this poor horse will tumble down and fall. Beautiful. Made of bronze.

Eddie's Puppet, so human, made of papier-mache, wood and metal. This puppet moves in any position you put it. It is actually able to move, to dance, to sit, to make any move you would set it to. But you can see that it has very long wires, so that whoever operates this puppet should be much higher and stronger than us, supernatural.

Eduard's grouse - made of bronze.

All the photographs you see in the museum are photographs from the masquerade ball in Venice.

Another technique used in this Museum, by Eduard, is Majolica porcelain sculpture. With this technique the artist makes the heads, the hands and the feets out of clay. You see there? there it is. For a clay sculpture you should make a plaster mold, and pour the porcelain when it's liquid into the mold, dry it, grind it, paint three times, burn 3 times. And if you get to anything like that - it's a miracle. Because if a drop of glaze leaks during burning - the whole doll goes to trash, because his head suits only these hands, neither that one nor the other. The king, the queen and court jester.

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