Doll Museum – A Feast For Women

March 23, 2017 artistssite 2 comments

Doll Museum - A Feast For Women

I started a new exhibition by the book of Esther called "a feast for Women". I'm going to make all the characters of the book. The first one is Ahasuerus, the king who ruled from India to Ethiopia. Next to him sits Vashti.

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Vashti was beautiful, noble, a princess and she was a feminist. Do you remember how she talked to him, to the King? When I created Vashti I was looking for inspiration from Persian women. I thought about - Rita (Israeli singer). (Orly:So you made her by...) Not at all, I did not mean to do it like Rita. I wanted someone exotic, wild. Remember they are made of paper, paper and glue? Their hair is real, I hand-made their clothes. If you look from this point at her eyes, you'll see the deep sadness of a betrayed and insulted woman who was sentenced by a stupid and drunk king.

Near Vashti is Haman, sitting. Look at the his envious look, you can see a malicious grin from ear to ear, but we have a saying "it's the last one who really laughs". Look at the clothes, the shoes I made for him.

If you take a look at the upper side, you will see a mini exhibition of the Carnival in Venice, that will take you into the happiness of the carnival atmosphere.

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