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Assaf Basson

In this exhibition, the works were selected in three series. Two series are explicitly abstract in style. The first series is impulsive-expressive. The works are characterized by very colorful lines and vulgar movements, that seem to scream from inside the soul. The second series is surrealistic. The artist painted grotesque figures that look tangible and real without maintaining proportions or perspective.

The third series has a unique effect that he creates with a credit card used instead of brushes. He cuts the color in the sequence he decides on and in different directions. While working, realistic images are unintentionally identified, which lead to optical deception, because when he moves away from his painting, he discovers from a different location a human figure, an animal or an inanimate object moving within the creation of himself. He decides to strengthen the character. Eyes, mouth, chin, or hair - all by means of the card that accompanies him in all his works, no matter which series.  

He gets the inspiration from his moods and his own philosophy of life that he believes in. What brings Assaf to create his works is the acceptance and identification of what is really felt within us. He shows that everything that exists is the embodiment of the divine.

The artist Assaf Basson, who was chosen this year to be included in the "Gold list", the fascinating and promising artists of the international "Art Market magazine", presents a new solo exhibition - "Heavy Tenderness" in the Tower W Gallery in Tel-Aviv with curator Lori Pszenica.

The exhibition presents the work "Chasdei Shamayim" - the grace of heaven. The curator asked Assaf about those mercies that the heavens had rained down on him and accepted his philosophy that there were real moments of unease lasting weeks, months or even years. Most of us experience such moments because of the circumstances of life and sometimes they are the greatest opportunities for meteoric jumps in the personal growth of each of us. What is important in these moments is to step outside our natural tranquility and the exposure of our ability to cope or not to deal with the truth. Being able to see and not walk around blind - is a gift that is the whole philosophy of our life.  

The title of the exhibition "Heavy Tenderness" was chosen from the birth of the work called by this name which is exhibited in the exhibition. According to Basson, in the space between the external physical world and the inner world, lies the power of the human spirit. Grating to him when using the expression "serious". The meaning indicates seriousness and we need to find the lightness, softness and love where gravity exists anyway.  

Assaf Basson was born in Israel in 1964, Yair and Zoe's father, lives and works in Tel Aviv. Basson studied at Tel-Aviv University cinema and Television,  art and philosophy. He worked for many years in film and television in various channels as an author and filmmaker. For the last 15 years he was teaching cinema arts and psychology until he stopped and found himself engaged to his love to paint.

Basson is using plastic credit cards instead of paintbrushes tools. Material world-controlled corporations in all aspects of life, personal credit card becomes the person of another identity - financially and materially. Basson is using the plastic card to brush the creation of another world which is open, free and unbound.

Each work is revealing itself anew. Basson is an autodidact and does not feel any commitment to any school. Although Marcel Duchamp and Jackson Pollock accounted for a great source of inspiration for him.

His house became a television studio with an abstract landscape which changes every day. The music dictates the frames, the scenes and shots unnamed anointed with oil colored purely on the white screen. It is the raw material from which made his cinema. The sets are created and changed every day – to tell their own story. Assaf Basson, handsome, charismatic, striving to take off and fly.

He has a strong desire to get up in the morning, with good energy and passionate, To "fly" in his television studio, with the smell of paint and turpentine, to dance on the canvas with music playing in the background. He claims that it is the music which “paints” colors on his canvas. From his first year he has already sold most of his works in Israel and around the world.


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