Sounds in the Desert Festival #20

New compositions - Open Concert and Recording Session - Premiers Concert 2017

Recorded live on Thursday December 14, 2017 in the kibbutz club hall, Sde Boker.

In the tradition of the “Sounds in the Desert” festival, composers of concert music were presented on this stage with their works. The composers produced the concert themselves, and the event was both an open stage for the audience and a live studio where the works were recorded professionally. This year’s concert encompassed a wide range of styles and influences, presenting instrumental and vocal compositions by composers Yechiam Marx, Ido Shirom, Eyal Bat, Shahaf Auday, Uri Netanel, Dror Menashe and Yuval Shay-El.

Musical producer: Michael Wolpe  |  Recording supervisor: Avi Elbaz  |  Video & editing:

 Yuval Shay-El – String Quartet No. 2
String Quartet: “Spectrum” Ensemble

Yechiam Marx – String Quartet No. 3
String Quartet: “Spectrum” Ensemble

Uri Netanel – Psalm 106 (Hebrew and Arabic)
Soprano: Katerina Ray-Chepelev
Mezzo Soprano: Marina Gurevich
Tenor: Leonid Axelrud
String Quartet: “Spectrum” Ensemble

Dror Menashe – ‘Collaborations’: Trio for Flute, Cello and Piano
Flute: Rebecca Taylor
Cello: Adam Chapman
Piano: Lital Stoch

Yechiam Marx – Tribute to Debussy – Arabesque No 1
Piano: Asya Derbin
Cello: Hamoutal Marom

Shachaf Auda – String Quartet “Fitting Dress Ups Cloths in front of The Mirror”
String Quartet: “Spectrum” Ensemble

From the Sounds in the Desert Festival #20, Premiers Concert 2017. Concert and details:

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