Artist Presentation Form – Stage 2

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Presentation Video

Works order – will edit the order of the works in the presentation by his considerations.

Time per-work – the recommended average time per work is 3.1 seconds (as in this example).

Preview photo – will decide about the preview photo for YouTube, Facebook sharing and for the page design.

Background sound – will decide of sound for the presentation by his considerations.

Keywords / Tags – will decide what keyword are relavent to your page.

** it is recommended that you will add some

Signature – do you wish to add your signature in the corner of the video (as in this example)?

Title and sub-title for works – do you want title (like the name of the work) and sub-title (the work’s technic) for the works at the presentation and the pictures album? ($5 addition)

Page Styling


Facebook – do you will open an album with your works at Facebook with a link to your artist page?

Pinterest – do you will open a board with your works at Pinterest with keywords and links to your artist page?


Do you have virtual store (Etsi, Shopify, your website, …)?

Would you want “All items in the presentation are for sale” to appear in the page?


Subscribe – do you want to get updates about new artists and new options offers?


can be changed at any time

Domain – do you want your own domain? Means instead of:[YourName]
($15 addition a year)

Menu – do you want to unshow menu at the top and footer of the page? (one time $15 addition)

Ads – do you want no ads on your page? (one time $20 addition)

Anything you want to add to your page, questions to the site manager, etc.:

Please wait a few seconds after pressing the ‘Submit’ botton. If you attached photos it might be longer.


If you have a question write it here and we will return to you shortly. team.

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