Doll Museum – Dolls By Portraits

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Doll Museum - Dolls By Portraits

The Doll Museum in Arad was founded by a pair of International sculptors. My name is Miri Leibovitz, Edward Shruster (on the right).

Each doll you see here is unique in the world. Made of papier-maché, pieces of paper, newsprint and glue. Can you believe it? All the dolls' hair is real hair, girls bring me ponytails and pigtails and I make wigs for my dolls. The eyes are made by glass blowing. When you get closer you will see blood vessels in their eyes.

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Since both are very rare, very artistic, they are found in collections of kings and presidents. The Dutch queen has 7 dolls of mine in her palace. Clinton has two dolls. The President Navon. Barbara Streisand, Craig Douglas, Demi Moore, Sharon Stone.

These figures are made after real children's portraits. I take a picture of a child and create the doll according to it. Niso, is an Ethiopian baby I met at the supermarket with his mother in Arad. I asked her, "Can I take a picture of this cute baby?" She just got scared and jumped. She asked me "Why?" I told her I wanted to make a doll like him. She said "What? Can you do it?" And since then they disappeared.

Till this day they don't know that Niso lives in the museum. I loved him so much that I made him the symbol of the museum, a logo, hoping one day he'll come and identify himself.

At the museum you will see all kinds of sculptures, materials and techniques. You can already see that it is not papier-maché - it's porcelain. Two porcelain figures. Take a good look at their masks, made of copper flattened by a hammer.

Another technique of sculpting at the museum is soft sculpture. Both dolls are aged 30, made of nylon and acrylic socks on an iron skeleton. They are three good friends that went on vacation to the Dead Sea as well as a group of vacationers.

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