Doll Museum – Paper Moon

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Doll Museum - Paper Moon

Look, this is something that I wrote about a paper moon. A Jew, an Arab and a foreign resident are sitting on the moon. It starts like a joke, but it's not! It scares me!

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For years I have been afraid of newspapers. I'm afraid to hold a newspaper in my hand, read it or bring it home, and newspapers are my basic raw material. Each of the three figures arrived to the "Sea of Serenity" on the moon, each one for a different reason, trying to face in a protected space of self reflection, bitter sobering with the loss of human value and unacceptable disrespect of life. The characters are without any colors or cosmetic makeup, wearing sky uniform with velvet blue tones. Clad in polished newsprint, like a topographical sketch, drawing out their contours and presenting their mere fate. The moon they sit on is made of paper, an empty promise, a glamorous illusion and empty sleepwalking. The moon changes its appearance monthly, ticking and reminding us our transience, like the temporariness of newsprint. For me, the "Paper Moon", is a confrontation with dangerous material, a surreal idea falling on fertile soil of social and political unrest. Miri Leibovitz.

(Orly: wonderful, amazing...)

How strange, I created the paper moon during the intifada and terror attacks, when every other day a terrorist got on a bus and blew up himself with many innocent people. As I tear the newspaper to pieces I see all the stories, photos, titles, I really couldn't work. If you look at the head of the first one, you will see I pasted terror inscriptions in Hebrew on it, on the other one in Arabic and on the third on in English. Also on the moon, one side is in Hebrew, one in Arabic and one in English. Look how they hold each other, looking at you in the eye, and everything they say is that murder leads to murder, that leads to murder. And to this day we don't know how to get out of this cycle of bloodshed. You read they wear sky uniforms. Uniform makes them look the same, but notice that each piece of clothing is unique. Not just every doll I create is one of its kind in the world but each piece of clothing is unique.

- Paper Moon.

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