Program For The Concert

Tomáš Tuláček and Friends - Between Prague and Tel Aviv

At Beit Hayozer, Tel Aviv, September 6th 2019, 13:00

Uri Brener - Jewish Suite (2017)

Uri Netanel - Desert Landscape

Carmel Raz - Secret Ballad for Violin and Piano

Ido Shirom - Apocalypse for Piano Solo, Played by the composer

Daniela Cohn-Levitas - Sonata no.1

Shaked Shachar - Midnight Journey for piano

Miroslav Miletič - Croatian Dance from Dalmatia (Israeli premiere)

Michael Wolpe - Piano Trio No. 3 (1st movement)

Efrat-Rachel Gerlich - Macedonian Fantasy

Uri Netanel - Kaddish (Premiere)

Henry Weinblat (Arr. Efrat Gerlich) - Aaronic Blessing

About the composers and players

(*Translated by google)

Aviram Netanel, keyboard arranger, processor producer, and information systems engineer. Born in Israel in 1984. He studied at the Rimon School for Pianists and writes music for videos and plays.

The three songs are taken from his debut album, which he himself produces and participates in, with various musicians, including Efrat and Uri “The Natanels”.

Uri Netanel, composer and cellist, was born in 1958, holds a BA from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and a master’s degree in composition from the Tel Aviv Academy of Music. His works were performed at the “Sounds in the Desert” festival under the artistic direction of Prof. Michael Wolpe in 2015 and 2017. Among his performers are the Meitar Ensemble, the Modalius Ensemble, Ayelet Cohen, the Carmel Quartet, the Spectrum Ensemble and the Tel Aviv Saxophone Quartet. Participated in the New Music on the Bayou Festival in Louisiana, USA, 2017.

“The Non Dreamer” is one of Shlomit Cohen Assif’s poems set to music by the composer.

Efrat-Rachel Gerlich is a composer, and instrumentalist in recorder, accordion, piano and percussion. Born in 1959, she holds a BA from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in music and musical education using the Kodaly method. Established a band called Charisma that performed original ethnic jazz. She also specialized in percussion with Oren Fried.

For the last ten years, Efrat has been involved in composition and studied for five years with composer Zohar Sharon, the musical director of the Revolution Orchestra.

Her works were performed at the Desert Sounds Festival (2015), the Mishkenot Sha’ananim Music Center, the Vietnam International Festival (2016), the Osmos Festival in Belgium (2018) and more.

Her works were performed by Trio Noga, the vocalists Leonid Axelrud and Marina Gurevich, the violinist Tomas Tulacek (Slovakia) and the Jerusalem Street Orchestra conducted by Ido Shpitalnik and others.

Ido Shirom was described by Michael Wolpe in the program of the “Sounds in the Desert” Festival as “one of the most original and courageous Israeli composers today who has chosen to express himself in a personal religious and spiritual style that has strong influences both of Bach and of minimalism (Philip Glass, Steve Reich and Arvo Pärt), whose style is always tonal and uses tonality with complex chords and polyphonic minimalism, and is also influenced by the style of rock and progressive rock bands (RADIOHEAD, U2). His personal style is characterized by conciseness, technical perfection and expressiveness.

Ido Shirom recorded his works for choir and orchestra with the world-renowned Yona Music Choir and the Lithuanian Symphony Orchestra. His compositions were played on the radio in Israel and Hungary, and were played in all major festivals in Israel, such as the Israeli Music Festival and “Sounds in the Desert”. The Jerusalem Camerata Orchestra conducted by Avner Biron successfully performed the “A Song of Parting” for strings in 5 concerts throughout Israel in 2015.

His concerto for saxophone soprano and strings won the 2009 “Desert Sounds Festival” award.

Yuval Shay-El Composer, jazz player with piano and trumpet, choir singer and physicist. Born in Israel in 1963. Married with two children. Studied composition with Zvi Harry Nadel, Charles Fassel and Lucas Fuss. He has a master’s degree in composition from Boston University and a meteorology from Tel Aviv University, and since 1984 he has written many works for chamber ensembles and symphonic orchestras, and his musical style combines modern compositional techniques with traditional, folk and jazz influences. And in Israel at festivals and prestigious ensembles, including Music Nova, the chamber series of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, the Meitar Ensemble, Etti Ben-Zaken and the Modalius Ensemble, piano duo Kenazawa-Admoni, the Kolot Renaissance Ensemble Tel Aviv, String Quartet ‘, The Israeli Music Festival, the’ Sounds in ‘festival Bar ‘, a series of’ beating heart ‘Tel Aviv Museum, and broadcast on radio. He has produced several CDs featuring his works in both modern and classic jazz.

The Yuval Shay-El CD includes four violin and piano sonata, a piano suite, eight light duo for violin and cello, and “Song of Songs” for voice and piano, string quartet. 2 (2009) premiered by the String Ensemble Spectrum Ensemble at the Desert Sounds Festival in Sde Boker in December 2017. The CD from 2014 is a jazz composition composed of jazz compositions composed according to the principles of the classical symphony performed by the jazz quartet And his “Love Thy Neighbor” (2016), commissioned by Etti Ben-Zaken and the Modalius Ensemble for the 2016 Israeli Music Festival, and performed in it and at another concert at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art (2017).

Shiri Reisman, born in 1992. Composer, singer and conductor. She graduated from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance for a fourth year. The student of Yosef Bardanashvili for composition and Yuval Zoran for conducting. She is a graduate of the Thelma Yellin High School and is a graduate of the Jerusalem Music Center and is a recipient of the Sidai Scholarship from the Jerusalem Institute of Contemporary Music in 2017 and 2018. She was educated and grew up in various musical cultures: classical Western music, jazz, Indian music and Arabic music.
Her works were performed by various ensembles – Modalius, Meitar and others.

Pianist Ofra Yitzhaki was described in Ha’aretz as a “virtuoso and profound artist” and “Israeli artist of the highest level,” and her playing was described in New York Magazine as “sensationalism in the full sense of the word.” She holds a Ph.D. in Music Art from the Julliard School of the Arts in New York and is the recipient of the Carnegie Hall’s Contemporary Music Competition for the Millennium for Contemporary Music.
Ofra Yitzhaki performs regularly in Israel and around the world in recitals and chamber music and soloist with orchestras. She has performed as a soloist with orchestras such as the Berlin Symphony, the American Symphony Orchestra, the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, the Jerusalem Chamber Orchestra, the National Concert Hall of Seoul, the Seoul Arts Center Korea Museum), the Tel Aviv Museum and the Jerusalem Theater.
Ofra Yitzhaki is a member of the faculty of the Buchmann-Mehta School of Music at Tel Aviv University and has served as a judge in competitions such as the Prime Minister’s Award for Composers, the Paul Ben-Haim Competition for Israeli Music and the Spring Competition of the America-Israel Cultural Foundation.

The soprano Rivka Falk, a native of Chile, a resident of Israel, graduated from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, won first prize at the Jerusalem Studio Opera. Won the competition Romances in Petach Tikva in first place. Studying sound development in Italy and Israel.

Keshet Zamir Raveh – Soprano Singer – Born in Haifa. Graduate of the Music Department at Reut School of the Arts, Haifa. As a member of the choirs she sang solo roles several times. In the opera workshops of her school she sang the role of Fiordialigi (so do all) selected parts of the role of Queen of the Night (the magic flute) and the role of Elice (Plastaf).
Keshet participated in the program for outstanding singers at the Mishkenot Sha’ananim Music Center, an ambitious program for young opera singers. She was also chosen to participate in master classes of renowned artists. Today Keshet continues her studies with Rona Israel-Kolat.