Chung Siu Yau

Chung has developed a unique style of painting by combining Chinese and Western techniques, and he likes to employ specific subject matter to deliver his artistic expression.

Artist Chung Siu Yau lives in Hong Kong and studied music and painting in Philadelphia, USA.

Publications: Chung Siu Yau piano series (1-6) set 1988-1991.

Chung Siu Yau's series include the "Golden Age Poetry and Painting Album", "The Wisdom of Life", "Zen and Nature", "Boundless Dust" - spiritual beauty, "Contemporary Fantasy Landscapes" and "White Goddess of Mercy" anthologies. Chung’s works were exhibited at Biennial a number of times as well as many other exhibitions in Hong Kong and abroad. He won the gold award at the 2006 Beijing International Art Exposition.

In 1983, he held a solo exhibition of a hundred works on the theme of the tiger. In 1992-1996 he held several exhibitions on the themes of “The Extravaganza of Guan Yin” and ”Sail of Mercy” in Mainland China, Hong Kong and parts of Southeast Asia. During the past year he extended his exploration of the visual beauty by changing both the subject matter and the techniques. This resulted in a series of paintings on the feminine beauty, featuring the foil taping technique and inter-crossed color. These works were successfully premiered in 2002 in Hong Kong.

His works on the themes of “The Golden Age” and Eternal Encounter were exhibited in the Fo Guang Yuan gallery in 2015.

Chung Siu Yau exhibits around the world in museums, universities, businesses and private collections.

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